Atelier Yoga’naturo – Booster votre immunité naturellement


Yoga’naturo Workshop Pack – Boost your immunity naturally containing:

  • A live naturo  (1h) where I explain how your immune system works, what weakens it and how you can strengthen it through your lifestyle.
  • A breathing exercise to be practiced from fall to spring.
  • A yoga flow class (1h15) specially designed to boost your immune system.
  • A HIT video offered by Magali from Ma gym santé, for a short and intense practice, excellent for « shocking » our body for its greater good.
  • A restorative yoga posture (20 min) to practice regularly to rebalance your nervous system for the benefit of your immune system
  • A guided meditation  (10 min) to connect to your body’s intelligence and strengthen your immune system
  • The list of foods that provide you the vitamins and trace elements essential to immunity download
  • A mini ebook of special immunity recipes to download
  • A promo code of 30% reduction on your naturo support
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